Bison Rebar Geocache


Introducing the Bison Rebar Geocache Container.

Step into the world of geocaching with the Bison Rebar Geocache - an ingenious treasure-holding solution that merges seamlessly with that perfect parking lot.

  • Unassuming Design: The Bison Rebar Geocache embodies simplicity, camouflaging itself within its surroundings. Crafted to resemble a rebar that sits in a standard car stop. It's the perfect blend of utility and ingenuity, making it an ideal choice for urban hideaways.
  • Compact Powerhouse: Don't let its size fool you—this compact container packs a punch in storage capability. The attached bison style tube is stocked with a 90+ signature rite-in-the-rain log sheet. It's your canvas to leave your geocaching mark.
  • Built to Endure: Crafted from robust materials, the Bison Rebar Geocache stands up to the elements. Your cache remains secure, rain or shine, while its contents remain protected.
  • Flexible Integration: The versatile attachment options of this geocache container lets you get creative with your hide. Attach it discreetly to structures, blend it into natural features, or let it nestle among its surroundings.
  • Refer to image for dimensions of each item.
  • 89 g
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