Stamp User Guide

Our stamp user guide is a dynamic resource designed to provide comprehensive instructions and helpful tips for users.

We are committed to continually enhancing and updating the guide over time, ensuring that it evolves to meet user needs and incorporates the latest information and best practices.

Date Adjustment

We've assembled a brief guide to demonstrate how to adjust the date on your new stamp!

Step 1

Press the red clip to release the die plate for date adjustment, allowing you to open it and access the date wheels.

Step 2

Turn the knobs to adjust the date to the current or desired date. Ensure the numbers align correctly for accurate imprinting.

Step 3

Press down the die plate carefully, making sure not to disturb any of the date wheels. Since this process can be messy, it's advisable to adjust the date before embarking on your adventure.

Cover Sleeve

We recommend always carrying your stamp in its protective sleeve to prevent any debris from getting on the stamp pad.

Step 1

Push the stamp all the way inside from the bottom. Once compacted, press the two red buttons on each side and slowly release the stamp. It will lock into place.

Step 2

Now that the stamp is locked, place the cover sleeve over the bottom half of the stamp.

Replacing Ink Pad

Over time, the ink pad may dry out, causing unclear or blurry impressions and reducing the quality of your stamps. Below, we have provided a guide on how to replace your stamp's ink pad.

Step 1

Extend the stamp to the ready position, then gently push down while holding the two red buttons to lock the stamp in place for ink pad replacement.

Step 2

With the stamp locked in place, you can now push the ink pad out from either side, preparing it for replacement.

New Ink Pad

To ensure the best performance and longevity of your stamp, we recommend using only genuine Shiny replacement ink pads.

These authentic replacements are specifically designed to maintain optimal ink flow and clarity, providing you with consistently sharp and clean impressions. By choosing genuine Shiny products, you can extend the life of your stamp and achieve the highest quality results.